Shower Types Explained

Electric shower or mixer shower? What do you have and what do you need? The Shower Expert helps clear up the confusion.

Mixer Showers

They mix the hot and cold water from your hot water system to reach the desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers. You can make the flow more forceful by adding a separate  pump to  gravity hot water system (stored hot and cold water) They are also ideal for combination boilers,  unvented  and thermal store systems, Increasingly fitted to new builds, a pump is not required with these systems. If you are replacing your mixer shower, we would recommend replacing it with a thermostatic mixer shower which controls the water temperature far more accurately, typical between  1 or 2 degrees of the set temperature, the hot water stops flowing instantly if the cold water supply should  fail.  Essential safety features for young and old alike.

Electric Showers

Take water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water when you turn the shower on by passing it over a heating element inside the shower, in a similar way to how a kettle works. So electric showers are ideal for families and households where there is a limited supply of hot water.  Electric showers are always ready to use, any time of the day or night and are also available with thermostatic control (See care showers).

Low Mains Pressure?

If you have low water pressure we can supply and fit a suitable electric shower
connected to your cold water storage tank

Venturi Showers  Trevi, Jetstream, etc

Not a common  type of shower, it is a shower that without using any pumps or electrical connections can work with  cold mains and gravity-fed hot water. The velocity and pressure of the cold water passing through the venturi nozzle, creates a suction effect, pulling in hot water from your household hot water cylinder.  Mixing the hot and cold water in the valve or actually mixing the water in the showerhead.
Variations in the temperature or pressure of the incoming cold water are minimised as a reduction in mains cold water pressure reduces the level of suction of hot water, and so the showering temperature remains stable.

All-in-one Power Shower

All-in-one power showers take water from both the hot and cold water storage tanks, (cylinder)  They mix the hot and cold to reach the desired temperature. They produce a more impressive spray force than gravity mixer or electric showers, because an internal pump boosts the water flow (local electrical connection required no heavy cable to fuse box)  They are ideal for homes with a stored supply of hot and cold water.(gravity systems).

Digital Shower (Mixer)

Digital mixer showers allow the mixing unit and user controls to be sited separately using a wireless connection. The mixing unit is available in two models: a pumped shower version for boosting gravity fed systems or a mixer valve unit for use with high pressure and combi systems.

Until recently the domain of Aqualisa  which have proven to be reliable and very popular with  existing users, Other manufactures including Triton and Mira have followed suit entering this market.                 

Thermostatic and Care Showers

Thermostatic showers provide the safest  and most comfortable shower experience for  every one
However this becomes essential when dealing with the most vulnerable people, children, elderly or those with special needs, the TMV Scheme is an independent third party approval scheme administered by Buildcert  The TMV Scheme certifies Type 3 thermostatic mixing valves manufactured to meet the highest specifications required by the NHS Estates and D08 standard for mixing valves for use. within health care premises in the United Kingdom

The Scheme also certifies TMV 2 thermostatic mixing valves for the domestic market and is working with the Child Accident Prevention Trust to promote the safe use of hot water in domestic premises. TMV 2 approved valves are ideal for protecting your family at home we can supply and fit a range of showers both mixer and electric to TMV standards with Approvals from BEAB, RNIB, CE, these are also ideal for B&B and guest houses where you have a care of duty to your customers. Care showers can be retro fitted if changing your existing shower or require upgrading for yourself or a loved one ?