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Here our experts can offer help, advice and tips on a variety of different shower problems and questions. If you have a shower problem, the answer could be here!


It all depends on the layout of the shower you are replacing. Is the wall tiled behind the shower ? not always, this may involve additional tiling or a shower with a larger footprint. There is no magic one shower will fit all.
The Triton T80Z is recommended as a replacement for all previous models of Triton T80, T80Mk3 , T80i, T80si and T80xr.
The T80Z is also an ideal replacement for other makes and models as water and cable entry points can be connected to the left and right hand side of the unit.
The Mira jump specifically designed for replacement of right hand side water inlet electric showers, Retrofits Triton, Aqualisa and many other electric showers
The New Bristan range also has multiple cable and water inlet configurations and was designed as a replacement shower, and is available in four models.
All these showers have a good lay out for retrofits, with more flexibility in both the pipe inlet and electrical connections. And a decent footprint to cover existing holes in your wall.
There is no magic one shower will fit all.
Remember we can supply and fit a suitable shower, or alter your services to suit, if you want a particular model of shower.


Check you have good water pressure and flow at kitchen sink or outside tap,these are fed from the mains supply as is your shower.
Check stop cock and shower isolation valves and are fully open Check inlet filter is not blocked with debris if above all check out then you will probably require a new flow/regulator valve fitted 


A common problem regarding electric showers is the pull cord Switch, we replace this with a 50amp switch manufactured by MK or Crabtree as the cheaper alternatives do not seem to last.
Remember if the red light on the pull switch is on, it means power is getting to the switch but the switch may still be faulty, not allowing full power to reach the shower unit,It may have bad connections (high resistance) there must be 230v/240v in the shower unit connector block.

  • The mcb size must be equal to or the nearest size above the kilowatt rating of the shower see table below. Older type wire fuses are not recommended for electric showers
  • 7kW = 32amp mcb
  • 7.5kW = 32amp mcb
  • 8kW = 40amp mcb
  • 8.5kW = 40amp mcb
  • 9.5kw = 40/45amp mcb
  • 10.5kW = 45/50amp mcb